Alex Wexler is a Miami based fisherman/artist from the shores of New Jersey. In 2012, he moved to Florida where its always fishing season. At a young age, he formed an extreme passion for art and fishing—using his time on the water as inspiration. For Alex, without fishing, there would be no art…

In 2015, Alex found a way to truly merge his two passions when he stumbled across the art of “gyotaku.” Gyotaku is an ancient Japanese art form which involves taking impressions of fish for art. As his fascination grew, Alex began to experiment with the technique and make it his own. Once the gyotaku is made, Alex enriches the print with watercolor/ pen to give the buyer something more than just an impression of the fish.

Alex has printed everything from small Snappers and Tunas to larger Sailfish and Mahi over 50 inches. The fish he prints are the fish he has caught on his 16ft. Boston Whaler out of Coconut Grove, FL. Every fish has a story and every fish is harvested responsibly within all FWC regulations.  Alex also offers custom frames for some of his smaller works (under 36 inches) made from reclaimed wood.