Alex Wexler is a Miami based artist from the shores of New Jersey. That is where he formed an extreme passion for fishing and art—using his time on the water as inspiration for the works he created. 

In 2012, Alex left New Jersey to study Marine Biology at the University of Miami, though soon realized he enjoyed drawing and interacting with fish in the wild more than studying them in a text book and graduated with a major in Fine Art and Creative Writing. Throughout his studies Alex continued to illustrate the scenes he would see while on the ocean fishing.  
In 2015, Alex found a way to truly merge his two passions when he stumbled across the art of “Gyotaku.” Gyotaku is an ancient Japanese art form which involves taking impressions of fish for art. As his fascination grew, He began to experiment with the technique and make it his own. He has printed various types of fish, big and small and each fish has a story behind it.
In addition to the printing technique, Alex enjoys illustrating marine life with ink and graphite, creating depictions of moments in time out on the water. He loves to relive the art of fishing and the beauty of the ocean. Alex also achieves this by his explicit video work and finds joy in sharing that beauty with others.