Yes, that is actually its scientific name (Fregata magnificens). The Frigate bird is the best fisherman on the ocean. It is a big black bird that flies up high in the sky.  It knows how to follow large predator fish to help them locate food. Seeing a frigate bird diving offshore is a sure sign there’s a predator fish feeding making them extremely effective hunters.

When the fish chase the baitfish, the bait typically jumps out of the water. This is the Frigate’s only time to strike and they have to catch the fish in midair. They dance along the tops of the waves chasing leaping fish with such grace while being careful not to get wet. They are not like most seabirds. Their feathers are not waterproof and if they  become waterlogged, it would make them too heavy to take off again.

I revere the frigate. They have perfected the art of fishing and have some of the coolest views in the world.